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I would like to hide some form elements and only show them when I need them.

The problem with my code is that hidden elements still consume space.

Is there a solution to this problem?

Example code:


Check element #choice. It is hidden but it still takes space in the website.

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It doesnt look to be consuming space to me... it seems you might have overlooked the <br/> tag in your HTML. – Tejs Apr 16 '12 at 18:27
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they don't take place, but the surrounding



either wrap in div

<div class="initiallyhidden">

and hide that, or leave our br and style the spacing

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The <br/> are messing this up. Your jsfiddle isn't proving that the elements still take up space. Look at how I modified it:

Select type 3 to show everything, select type 1 to hide everything, and then select type 4 to show only the text area. Notice how the textarea is flush up against the type dropdown. The choice selector doesn't take up space.

When you hide the choice selector, the <br/>'s are still there in the html, so you're seeing two returns.

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The space you see is caused by your <br/> tags.

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hide n show br tags:

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