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I am experiencing a weird issue with createlink. I have this in my gsp

<g:createLink controller="uni" action="show" id="1" />

I expect it to generate something like


However, it actually gives me


I also tried inline version as well,

${createLink(controller:'uni', action:'show', id:1) }

this also gives


Any help is greatly appreciated! Thanks!


I managed to fix it by adding a url mapping for "show" action

The problem may come from url mapping bug. I have this defined in my urlmappings.groovy

        action = [GET:"create", POST:"createDetail"]

This somehow cause it to generate wrong link. I have no idea why, it will be nice if someone can explain it

After I add this line before "create", the problem is gone.

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You might have a problem in UrlMappings.groovy .

There are some open bugs in reverse url mappings. What Grails version are you using?

The best way to get around some of the bugs is to use named url mappings. In your case that shouldn't be necessary.

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I am using Grails 2.0. I will check out name url mapping. Thank – MengQi Han Apr 16 '12 at 19:15

if the action is not defined you will get default behavior


action (optional) - The name of the action to use in the link, if not specified the default action will be linked

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