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It was working till Thursday of last week, but I'm wondering if something changed cause the code has been the same since then.

I pass the following JSON information to the FBAS.init call from my app in facebook


Here's the relevant code:

//We call Facebook API init call like so:   
Facebook.init(_appKey, _fbInitResponse);

//Here's our callback
protected function _fbInitResponse(success:Object, fail:Object):void
    trace("fbInitResponse: success = " + success);

    // User logged in successfully
    if (success) 
        trace("\t session recieved!");
        _session = success;
        dispatchEvent(new Event(FacebookEvent.INIT));
        trace("ERROR: " + fail);
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I think you need to post some more code. – The_asMan Apr 16 '12 at 19:55

Actually: It looks like a bug with Facebook not redirecting to the Secure Canvas URL properly. The hack below is a short-term work-around, but this looks like a bug on Facebooks end.

Ran into the same problem as you. Was a mismatch when a user was using https to access the Facebook app, but the app page was being served in http.

A Facebook auth change has been propagating to users since March. I assume this was the change to cause the bustage:

The tip found in this answer helped me: Facebook JavaScript SDK over HTTPS loading non-secure items

I put the: FB._https = (window.location.protocol == "https:");

I put it right after the fb-root div in a script element. Very hacky.

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