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I want create a plugin in jquery.

this is my html code :

<div class="popup">
  <div class="bc_top">
    <div class="bc_tl"></div>
    <div class="bc_tm"></div>
    <div class="bc_tr"></div>
  <div class="bc_middle">
    <div class="bc_ml">
      <div class="bc_mr">
        <div class="bc_cnt">

  <div class="bc_bottom">
    <div class="bc_bl"></div>
    <div class="bc_bm"></div>
    <div class="bc_br"></div>

I want insert above code around my tag, my tag html content should insert into div.bc_cnt , so I write a jQuery Plugin :

$.fn.popup = function() {
    $(this).before('<div class="popup">\
                      <div class="bc_top">\
                        <div class="bc_tl"></div>\
                        <div class="bc_tm"></div>\
                        <div class="bc_tr"></div>\
                      <div class="bc_middle">\
                        <div class="bc_ml">\
                          <div class="bc_mr">\
                            <div class="bc_cnt">'+$(this).html()+'</div>\
                      <div class="bc_bottom">\
                        <div class="bc_bl"></div>\
                        <div class="bc_bm"></div>\
                        <div class="bc_br"></div>\


and I use like this :


    <div id="pop">
        this is a test

everything is OK but this code insert only html content of selected tag to popup with $(this).html(), I want insert complete tag in my popup (I mean <div id="pop">this is a test</div>)

What should I do?

P.S: sorry for my bad English.

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The answer is here -… – Jay Blanchard Apr 16 '12 at 20:23

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You can clone the orig element, append it to a temp div and get the html of the div. See below,



If you want to remove the original, you can use .remove at the end of the function as $(this).remove()

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You should try with $(this).text()

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