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I'm trying to render a variable number of field-name/input-box rendered using a django (v 1.3) template. In my view, I look up a table to get the column names, and then create a list of forms.CharFields() of the same size, and zip them together as follows:

ua_data = [forms.CharField(required=False) for i in range(len(ua_data_field_names))]
ua_fields = zip(ua_data_field_names, ua_data)
ua_field1 = forms.CharField(required=False) # temp field for testing

so that at the end of it, the context contains something like this (for only one field):

>>> ua_fields
[(u'Test field', <django.forms.fields.CharField object at 0x108386b50>)]

In my template, I'm running the following loop:

  {% for field in form.ua_fields %}
      <td>{{ field.0 }}</td>
      <td>{{ field.1 }} {{ field.1.errors }}</td>
      {#<td>{{ form.ua_field1 }} {{ form.ua_field1.errors }}</td>#}
  {% endfor %}

That spews out the following in rendered HTML:

Test field  <django.forms.fields.CharField object at 0x1081f1c50>

whereas if I swap the second <td> above with the commented out line, I actually get an input field rendered (ua_field1 is a direct forms.CharField object)

What is preventing a list lookup field from doing the magic HTML rendering?

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Please show how you define ua_fields and ua_field1. –  Daniel Roseman Apr 16 '12 at 21:17
@DanielRoseman: Added. Thanks! –  kps Apr 16 '12 at 23:16

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What is rendered by {{ form.field1 }} is not the same object as form.fields['field1']. It is special BoundField, which is being bound with some data and ready to render.

So you should actually populate form with field1 ... fieldN on form creation, and then in ua_fields() zip together pairs of "'text_name', value of self.__getitem__('fieldX')"

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