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I have two installations of Python 2.7.2 -- from MacPorts and Enthought -- on my Mac. I use the Enthought Python as the primary one; however, the MacPorts distribution has several additional packages like pymacs, rope etc., which I would like to make available to the Enthought Python. (I'm actually trying to use Emacs w/ Enthought Python, but also make use of the MacPorts-installed Rope, Pymacs for code completion in Emacs).

Is there a clean way to make the MacPorts packages available to the Enthought Python without breaking anything?

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2 Answers

It's risky trying to combine the two distributions, as you are likely to get conflicts (especially for C-extensions linked to slightly different versions of shared libraries). This is a common cause of problems with EPD:


The recommended way to install new packages in EPD is with the enpkg tool. You can find out more about enpkg with enpkg --help or in this article:


If your package isn't available through enpkg (in your case it looks like rope is while pymacs is not, assuming you have an appropriate subscription), EPD is a very standard python distribution, and you can install packages in it through normal means such as pip or by grabbing the source and running python setup.py install. See:


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It would be cleaner to install the additional packages once more for the Enthought Python. Trying to reuse packages from another installation seems neither clean nor safe to me.

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