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I have a <select> element on a Razor view. It renders as a drop box with language values. I set language via custom cookies and a custom cookie aware view engine.

Let's say I have a cookie set (called language). I want to have a view render with a corresponding <option> marked as selected based on a cookie value. How can I control it with Razor?

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Well I would put the select in a strongly typed partial view:

@inherits System.Web.Mvc.WebViewPage<Language>
@Html.DropDownListFor(x => x,
                    new SelectList((List<Language>)ViewBag.AllLanguages,
                    Model==null?-1:Model.Id), "Choose Language")

I would actually set the value in my controller

public virtual ActionResult _MyAction()
    // get users language
    string selectedLanguage = "English"; // default
    if(Request.Cookies["language"] != null)
        selectedLanguage = Request.Cookies["lang"].ToString();

    // language list
    ViewBag.AllLanguages = context.Languages.ToList();

    // retrieve language from database - example using EF
    ViewBag.SelectedLanguage = context.Languages

and then in my main view

@Html.Partial("LanguageSelect", ViewBag.SelectedLanguage);

This keeps the logic of what language to select away from the presentation of the actual select list. And you could put all that logic in a shared method if it's used a lot.

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