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I'm using the form::select helper in Kohana 3.2 to generate a select input with the following code (formatted for display here):

form::select('id_plyta', $plyta, $plyta_selected, 
    array('style' => 'width:300px', 'class' => 'sock_depend'));

This code generates the following HTML (formatted for display here):

<select name="id_plyta" class="sock_depend" style="width:300px" 

The problem is that it is outputting with an extra multiple="multiple" attribute in the HTML. I don't want that to be a part of it.

If I put a NULL instead of $plyta_selected then it works fine.

How do I get rid of multiple="multiple" and why is it even there?

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When you check out the list of parameters it accepts, pay attention to the third:

 * @param   string   input name
 * @param   array    available options
 * @param   mixed    selected option string, or an array of selected options
 * @param   array    html attributes

When sending the paramters to the select method of the Form class, if the third parameter is an array, the helper will automatically include the multiple="multiple" to allow it to pre-select more than one option in the drop down select.

If you only send a string value, then it will not create a multibox, will not include the multiple HTML input attribute and it will only pre-select the single value.

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My bad, I was passing array Thanks ! – user1337192 Apr 16 '12 at 20:50

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