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I currently need to create a custom scroll view without using UIKit's scrollview in cocos2d. The best way, I think, is to create a separate layer and then add all my sprites to that layer. But I'm not sure how to receive touch events for all of the sprites. Is there a best way to do this? Thanks!

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Have you seen CCScrollLayer? It might not be suitable for you but maybe you can copy the way that it is picking up touches.

There's another one here as well, not sure if it's a fork or an independent one:

But I didn't have much success with any of these. The bounce and other parts of the experience never feel right, so I go back to using UIScrollView to handle the touches.

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Thank you! ^_^ I will look into this! –  WayWay Apr 17 '12 at 19:45

I've been facing the same issue and I found the SWScrollView here:


met my needs better than CCScrollView. It acts more like the UIScrollView where as CCScrollView is more for paging from what I've seen.

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There is a nice framework called CMMSimpleFramework.



There are some sample videos, and the link to the repo is on those pages.

One of the classes is a scrolling layer that might do what you need. To get the sample project to run, I had to comment out some game center authentication handler code that has changed, but after I did that the demo worked fine.

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