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good evening everone , i have phpmailer code which allow me to connect to smtp google service and send a message through it , here is the code

$n= $_POST['element_1'] . $_POST['element_3'];
$mail = new PHPMailer();
$mail->SMTPAuth = true;
$mail->SMTPSecure = "ssl";
$mail->Host = "";
$mail->Port = 465;
$mail->Username = $gmail; 
$mail->Password = $gpass; 
$rmail = "";
$mail->AddAddress($rmail, $rname); 
$mail->From = $smail; 
$mail->FromName = $sname;
$mail->Subject = $sub; 
if(!$mail->Send()) {
echo "fail";
echo "success";

the problem is , i can't get the name of the sender i 've tried to insert it into body but it couldn't success

$n= $_POST['element_1'] . $_POST['element_3'];

my 2nd issue is i have also a 3 radio buttons for the subject , i've used

$sub = "free";
$sub = "premium";

but still receive empty subject could you please help me thanks in advance

thanks for your time , me first issue was solved , thanks to you , but the second one unfortunately didn't. i've gave radio buttons the same name and change their value as following

<input id="element_4_1" name="element_4" class="element radio" type="radio" value="free" />
<input id="element_4_1" name="element_4" class="element radio" type="radio" value="premium" />

when i select a radio button it suppose to have the value free or premium but it have the value 1 i tried your code (i've put it right under $n value )

$sub = isset($_POST['element_4']) ? $_POST['element_4'] : "no subject";

and tried this

$sub = $_POST['element_4'];

but it didn't work could you goon with your help please thanks in advance

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$n= $_POST['element_1'] . $_POST['element_3'];

it works if in fact $_POST['element_1'] and $_POST['element_3'] are being posted to this page !

and as for your radio buttons all of them should have the same name and there values should be the subject of your email

$sub = isset($_POST['radio']) ? $_POST['radio'] : "no subject";
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