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I hope its okay I ask this, I searched around stackoverflow and found similair questions but no solutions worked for me.

I have HTML like this: <h1>Beatles: A Hard Days Night</h1> now I would like a regex to match everything AFTER the colon. So A Hard Days Night in this case.

This is what I tried:

$pattern = "/<h1>\:(.*)<\/h1>/";

But this just outputs an empty array.

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The following regex should match that:


PowerShell test:

PS> '<h1>Beatles: A Hard Days Night</h1>' -match '<h1>[^:]+:\s+([^<]+)'; $Matches

Name                           Value
----                           -----
1                              A Hard Days Night
0                              <h1>Beatles: A Hard Days Night

A little explanation:

<h1>    # match literal <h1>
[^:]+   # match everything *before* the colon (which in this case
        # shouldn't include a colon itself; if it does, then use .*)
:       # Literal colon
\s+     # Arbitrary amount of whitespace
([^<]+) # Put everything up to the next < into a capturing group.
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