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So this is a program that simulates the game ChainFactor (www.chainfactor.com) and as much as I'd like to, I can't seem to get it working.

The problem is that after the first run, the controls don't always overlap and disappear as I would like:

for (int w = 1; w <= k; w++)
    Format.tabla[solw[w], solq[w]].Visible = false;

    Format.tabla[solw[w], solq[w]] = null;
    Format.tabla[solw[w], solq[w]] = new Disk();
    Format.tabla[solw[w], solq[w]].Visible = true;
    Controls.Add(Format.tabla[solw[w], solq[w]]);

    for (int q = solw[w] - 1; q > 7-nrc[solq[w]]; q--)
        Format.tabla[q + 1, solq[w]].number = Format.tabla[q,solq[w]].number;
        Format.tabla[q + 1, solq[w]].Image = Format.tabla[q, solq[w]].Image;

        Point P = new Point();
        P = Format.tabla[q , solq[w]].Location;

       // MessageBox.Show(Format.tabla[q, solq[w]].number.ToString());
       // MessageBox.Show(Format.tabla[q+1, solq[w]].number.ToString());

        for (int i = 0; i < 92; i++)
            Format.tabla[q, solq[w]].Location = P;
            Format.tabla[q, solq[w]].BringToFront();
            Format.tabla[q, solq[w]].Refresh();

        Format.tabla[q + 1, solq[w]].Location = Format.tabla[q, solq[w]].Location; 
        Format.tabla[q, solq[w]] = null;
        Format.tabla[q, solq[w]] = new Disk();

        Format.tabla[q, solq[w]].Visible = false;
        Format.tabla[q+1, solq[w]].Visible = true;
        Controls.Add(Format.tabla[q+1, solq[w]]);
        Format.tabla[q + 1, solq[w]].BringToFront();

    for (int z = w + 1; z <= k; z++)
        if (solq[w] == solq[z])
            if(solw[z]!=7 && solw[z] < solw[w])

So I have basically tried to find the control that disappears (in solw - line of the control, solq -column of the control) and then drag all its column down with one position.

After the first time I use one column, the next time I try to put a disk that would make any other disk from the same column dissapear are simply staying on the screen, even though I get their visibility set to false.

UPDATE: After a few changes the only problem that I have is that disks overlap when there are bound to disappear two or more. I get half of the upper disk and half of the bottom disk. (I think that the roots of the problem is still the one that the control does not disappear as it should)

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Hard to see what's going in here, especially without the code for Disk. For a start though. Get rid of the MessageBox s and write stuff to a log file. You can't debug painting code if you swap windows. Next get rid of all those Refresh calls, if they are required something else is well broken. Important tip, if you are fixing code and you make a change and it doesn't work, back it out don't leave it in there, because while it might not have worked, the code you were fixing no longer exists.... – Tony Hopkinson Apr 16 '12 at 21:40
MessageBoxes are out and the refreshes were just to help me swap between windowes. No longer needed :) – Viva Chips Apr 16 '12 at 21:43
Do your painting in OnPaint, not in a tight loop somewhere else calling Refresh() constantly. – Ed S. Apr 16 '12 at 22:09
We need to know what Disk is. Also, names like w, k, solq, nrc, and z make your code very hard to understand. – Dour High Arch Apr 17 '12 at 0:31

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