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I am looking for a way to find the Tunered Generation pool inside the JVM, previously i tried to find this pool by name: "Tunered Gen" but in some cases this pool named as "PS Old Gen". So i thought about more generic way to find the pool where all old objects are stored.

What do you think? maybe someone can suggest another solution?

    public MemoryPoolMXBean findTuneredGenerationMemoryPool(){

        List<MemoryPoolMXBean> memoryPoolsList = new ArrayList<MemoryPoolMXBean>();
        for(MemoryPoolMXBean pool: ManagementFactory.getMemoryPoolMXBeans()){
            if (pool.isCollectionUsageThresholdSupported() && pool.getType().equals( MemoryType.HEAP )){
                memoryPoolsList.add( pool );

        Collections.sort(memoryPoolsList, new Comparator<MemoryPoolMXBean>(){
            public int compare(MemoryPoolMXBean pool, MemoryPoolMXBean otherPool) {

                return otherPool.getType().compareTo( pool.getType() );

        int oldestGenPoolIndex = memoryPoolsList.size() - 1;
        return memoryPoolsList.get( oldestGenPoolIndex );

Regards, Maxim

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Questions asking for review of working code belong on Code Review (though Code Review may not have been around when you asked this question). But here's one tip: sorting on the pool type makes no sense given you've already enforced that the pool type is equal to MemoryType.HEAP. – Jeffrey Bosboom Jul 4 '14 at 3:42

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