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I am utilizing an MSAccess database on 2 machines in the same bldg. Machine1 has the database on it. Machine2 has a mapped drive to the database on Machine1. I can use the same key value on Machine1 and get a record, but using that same key value on machine2 I sometimes get no record found. But it IS there. Machine1 works flawlessly.

The correct fix would be to add SQLExpress and up-size the Access database, but I have reasons to avoid that for the time being.

I have changed the Timeout setting and the MaxScanRows settings in the DSN(ODBC)- MSAcess ODBC driver Advanced Setting- on Machine2 which seemed to fix the issue for today. I don't really know what those Advanced ODBC settings do and that's really my question here. Does anyone know what those settings do and which one might help me most?

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have you tried linking the table directly rather than through ODBC

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No I haven't. I am trying not to change the code, as it is deployed successfully in 10-12 different locations and I am trying to keep it consistent among all the deployments. (I may have to try that if I can't fix this through ODBC tweaks) –  Yosem Apr 17 '12 at 1:14
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