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I have setup solr with multiple cores. Each core has its own schema(with common unique id). Core0: Id, name Core1: Id, type.

I am looking for a way to generate the resultset as Id, name, type. Is there any way?

I tried the solution suggested here but it did not work.

Search multiple SOLR core's and return one result set

The reason for not having merged schema is as follows:

We have thousands of documents(pdf files) which need to be extracted/inserted into solr for search on every day basis. which means there will be millions of documents at some time. Second requirement is that at any point in time, there can be a request to perform some processing on all historical pdf files and add that processed information onto solr for each file. So that processed info comes up with search. Now since extraction takes a long time, it will be very difficult(long update time) to perform historical update for all files. So I thought if I can use another core to keep the processed info, it will be quicker. Please suggest if there is alternative solution.

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You could extract the text from the files and store them in a database so that you do not need to re-extract repeatedly. You can use Apache Tika for this (Solr also uses Apache Tika internally to extract text from documents). –  nikhil500 Apr 17 '12 at 3:19
It's the insertion time per document(solr update using tika) which is longer. I would believe whether it's a text file or pdf file, it would not make a difference. –  nitin khosla Apr 17 '12 at 10:13

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