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I'm doing bump mapping with webGL shaders. Everything was fine until I was generating normal map from the height map. I generated the height map with another shader and rendered it as a texture. Then read the texture (heigh map) and generate normal map from it with the way described in this thread Generating a normal map from a height map?

The normal map looks fine except it has pretty serious aliasing problem! Here is the rendered normal map: http://isaac-home.blogspot.com/2012/04/aliasing-generating-normal-map-from.html

The aliasing problem should come from the size of the texture doesn't match the canvas's size but since The texture came from the previous rendering, they should have the same size. And the texture parameters were set with gl.NEAREST (turn off the mipmap) and gl.CLAMP_TO_EDGE (turn off the repeating) so even it's not power of two, it should be alright. The offset in the shader is like [1.0/canvas.width, 1.0/canvas.height]

Could anyone have any idea what causes the aliasing? Thank you so much,


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I see the same aliasing. I'm using an 8-bit height map, which I think causes part (all?) of the aliasing. I've tried computing the "diagonal" normal in addition to the axial-aligned normal and averaging them together, which showed no significant benefit. I even tried using a wider sample, and doing a weighted average with the axial or axial+diagonal normals, and none of that helped with the aliasing.

Another question: on your web page, the image you show looks like the computed normals from a cone, but I'm guessing it is actually a sphere, right? I see the same cone-like structure for a sphere in my tests and I can't figure out why.

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I think the aliasing might come from the size of webgl implementation. I tested on my browser (chrome for mac.) The max size of the texture is only 128x128 but I used it for a bigger size of canvas. I later decided to calculate the height on the fly. Hope it helps for you. –  yi chen Apr 22 '12 at 6:25

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