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I have a C++ program running by Visual Studio 2010, how can i monitor the the memory usage of my program? Does there exist simple API, such as i can call clock_t start1 and start1 = clock(); to monitor the time usage of my program. Thanks:)

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possible duplicate: – kappamaki Apr 17 '12 at 0:34
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Memory management is not an easy problem like timing, and it is definitely more complicated to track.

I recommend looking at other similar StackOverflow posts to get started:

How to analyse program's memory usage in Visual Studio 2010?

How do you detect/avoid Memory leaks in your (Unmanaged) code?

track C++ memory allocations

These should help you solve whatever your specific memory-related problem is, whether it's looking for memory leaks, overwriting the end of an allocated buffer, or simply tracking how much memory you've allocated.

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