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I'm retrieving data from Yahoo Weather currently and able to display the elements I need so far. I'm stumped on how to use the Condition Codes (i think i need to turn the number into an integer) to have a string such that I can display my own custom icons. As the weather in the region I am tracking is fairly mild I want to assign only a small number of icons but have each cover a string of Condition Codes. So far this is my code that is working–

function bm_getWeather ($code = '', $temp = 'c') {

$file = '' . $code . '&u=' . $temp;

$request = new WP_Http;
$result = $request->request($file);

if (isset($result->errors)) {
    return FALSE;

$data = $result['body'];

$output = array (
    'temperature' => bm_getWeatherProperties('temp', $data),
    'weather_code' => bm_getWeatherProperties('code', $data),
    'class' =>  bm_getWeatherProperties('code', $data),
    'weather' => bm_getWeatherProperties('text', $data),        

return $output;


function weather_icon() {

$data = bm_getWeather($code = '', $temp = 'c');

// Error is here
$nums = (int)$data['weather_code']; // Needs to be cast as an integer

$severe = array(12, 13, 14, 16, 19);
$rain = array(3200);

// Therefore the maths is wrong
switch($nums) {
    case (in_array($nums, $severe)):
        $cat = 'severe';
    case (in_array($nums,$rain)):
        $cat = 'snow';
        $cat = 'happy';

return $cat;


function bm_getWeatherProperties ($needle, $data) {

$regex = '<yweather:condition.*' . $needle . '="(.*?)".*/>';
preg_match($regex, $data, $matches);

return (string)$matches[1];


Any help would be much appreciated as my php skills are less than adequate right now.

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what is the error in weather_icon()? and what is output if you add print_r($data); ? – daidai Apr 17 '12 at 7:08

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