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I'm working on the frontend part of a rails app. I had to add few images, so I added those images into app/assets/images directory.

I can access images that came with the app via /assets/[image name], but I can't access my new images. I tried

/assets/images/[image name]
/assets/[image name]
/[image name]
/images/[image name]

looks like there's a caching system behind, or I'm doing something incorrectly.

Please advise me.

Thanks, Moon

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You should always use the image_tag or asset_path helper to compute the path to a named asset—see Linking Assets from the Asset Pipeline guide.

You could also try a rake tmp:clear if you're using the default simple file-based rails cache to make sure nothing's being cached incorrectly.

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<%= image_tag "yourfilename.png" %>
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Also, I moved my images over to vendor/assets/images. I had the same issue when my images were in app/assets/images. Hope it helps! – Huy Apr 17 '12 at 3:13

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