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I'm trying to compare first 3 chars of a string, i'm trying to use substring then compare.

The strings are read from an input file, and the string may not be 3 chars long. if an string is not 3 chars long i want the substring method to replace the empty chars with spaces.

How would i go about doing that.

Current code throws an exeption when the string is not long enough.

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Use String.PadRight

myString.PadRight(3, ' ');
// do SubString here..

You could also create a .Left extension method that doesn't throw an exception when the string isn't big enough:

public static string Left(this string s, int len)
    if (len == 0 || s.Length == 0)
        return "";
    else if (s.Length <= len)
        return s;
        return s.Substring(0, len);


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Use one of the String.PadRight() methods before calling Substring():

string subString = myString.PadRight(3).Substring(0,3);

If you use the overload with one parameter like I did above, it will insert spaces.

string subString1 = string1.PadRight(3).Substring(0,3);
string subString2 = string2.PadRight(3).Substring(0,3);
if (String.Compare(subString1, subString2) == 0)
    // if equal
    // not equal

I used separate variables because it's a bit more readable, but you could in-line them in the if statement if you wanted to.

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You can use this dirty hack:

var res = (myStr+"    ").Substring(...);
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+1 I love this dirty hack, use it a lot :) – mellamokb Apr 17 '12 at 1:30
@mellamokb I use it a lot, but I think I'll switch to PadRight (I just upvoted your answer). – dasblinkenlight Apr 17 '12 at 1:32

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