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I am new to python...you are warned.

I copied an example from http://wiki.python.org/moin/RssLibraries but I keep getting the error

"future_calls = [Future(feedparser.parse,rss_url) for rss_url in hit_list]
TypeError: __init__() takes exactly 1 argument (3 given)"

Here is my code:

import feedparser
from futures import Future

hit_list = [ "http://feeds.reuters.com/news/artsculture", "http://feeds.reuters.com/reuters/healthNews" ] # list of feeds to pull down

# pull down all feeds
future_calls = [Future(feedparser.parse,rss_url) for rss_url in hit_list]
# block until they are all in
feeds = [future_obj() for future_obj in future_calls]

entries = []
for feed in feeds:
    entries.extend( feed[ "item" ] )
    sorted_entries = sorted(entries, key=lambda entry: entry["title"])
    print sorted_entries
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Are you sure you're using the right modules? You have:

from futures import Future

but if you mean to use the module from the RssLibraries page you linked to, then it should be

from future import Future

(and you'll need to download the future module from the link on that page).

It looks like you're actually using the futures module which is a back port of the Python 3 concurrent.futures module for earlier version of Python.

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you're right. I just corrected it and am now getting stuck on another part...rather than do it here I will ask another question. thx –  kristen Apr 17 '12 at 2:19

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