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I am looking for a windows tool (exe) or python script which can be used on command line to search and replace strings in text files recursively in a source code tree.

Any suggestions ?

P.S. I am trying to avoid the custom syntax of sed/awd like linux tools. P.S.S. It needs to be automated, therefore it needs to be command line.



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I think WinGrep may meet your needs. I believe it can be run from the command line. Link: www.wingrep.com

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A little pricey, but PowerGrep has a command line interface or so the manual says.

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There is fnr.exe, which is a lightweight utility that supports command line. It doesn't have as many features as grep, but it makes it easy to generate command line script by providing all the parameters in windows form. It is available from here: http://findandreplace.codeplex.com

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