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Hi I am trying to implement a simple chatbox in django and was wondering how to scroll to the bottom of a div class using javascript? Basically when the page loads I would like so that users can see the most recent message sent to them instead of the least recent.

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I had to do this recently for a similar thing. I found a basic jquery plug-in that will smoothly scroll an element onto the screen.

(function($) {

  $.fn.scrollMinimal = function() {

    var cTop = this.offset().top;
    var cHeight = this.outerHeight(true);
    var windowTop = $(window).scrollTop();
    var visibleHeight = $(window).height();

    if (cTop < windowTop) {
      $('body').animate({'scrollTop': cTop}, 'slow', 'swing');
    } else if (cTop + cHeight > windowTop + visibleHeight) {
      $(jQuery.browser.webkit ? "body": "html")
        .animate({'scrollTop': cTop - visibleHeight + cHeight}, 'slow', 'swing');


which is used like this:

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Well, the basic script is set the scrollTop equal to scrollHeight, so you need a script like this:

var DIV = document.getElementById('theDIVElement');
DIV.scrollTop = DIV.scrollHeight;

You only need to change theDIVElement to your DIV id.

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okay that's great! does that work for div classes too and not just id's? –  Mars J Apr 17 '12 at 5:12
@MarsJ Well, you just need to use getElementsByClassName function to localize the element. The essential part is the second line. –  Fong-Wan Chau Apr 17 '12 at 20:30

This is the script I used in my chat:

function myScroll() { 
    setTimeout('myScroll()',100); } 
if (document.layers || document.all) 

This is also nice for when new messages are added, if you scroll to the bottom too fast, it's hard on your eyes while you're trying to read.

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