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I have a "create" function which shall redirect to a new view called "view". "view" uses get method, so I need to provide the parameters in the url.

"create" creates a new item 123, and redirects/renders "view" with url /view?id=123 I also want pass on some additional parameters while redirecting to this view, /view?id=123&note=duplicate

How do I do this?

  def create   
    @i = Book.createNewItem(params[:name])
    if @i[:error] == ""
      render action: 'view',
      redirect_to book_home_path

  def view
    Book.getItem(params[:id]) #some backend update stuff
    @i = Book.find_by_book_num(params[:id])
    return @i
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redirect_to :action => 'view', :id => @i[:id] –  Kapish M Apr 17 '12 at 4:00

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You can use

    render :action=>'view', :id=>123, :note=>"duplicate"

This will automatically generate 'get' url to view action, like this:

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You can pass additional parameters in a hash, passed to the url helper like this:

redirect_to book_view_path(id: @i.id, note: 'duplicate')


redirect_to action: "view", id: 5, note: 'duplicate'
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You can use this as sipmple

 redirect_to "/view?id="+@i+"&note=duplicate"

Try it...

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