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I'm building a widget that has a button in it. The icon in the button (which would normally be set through drawableLeft="@drawable/some_image" in XML) needs to change dynamically. I thought that I could use RemoteViews.setString(R.id.widget_button, "drawableLeft", "@drawable/some_image") to set the icon dynamically, but the widget just doesn't load properly. Does anyone know how to set the icon of a button in a RemoteViews dynamically?

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drawLeft doesn't have a direct method equivalent: to set it from code you need to use setCompoundDrawables and its related methods. These are unfortunately multiple argument methods, which RemoteViews does not appear to make publicly available, so you might be out of luck there.

One possible solution (but very kludgey): implement multiple layouts with the different possible images and then use the RemoteViews.addView function to load them up dynamically.

Might work.

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It actually worked? –  Femi Apr 17 '12 at 5:47
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