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I was just wondering if it was possible to do something like this in jQuery:

$('#MyDiv').show((MyVar==2?1:0)); // 1=show, 0=hide.

otherwise I'd have to write it like this everywhere.

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No you don't have to, you can do $('#MyDiv')[MyVar==2?'show':'hide'](). –  Alxandr Apr 17 '12 at 4:40

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There's a built-in function .toggle(boolean value) since jQuery 1.3:

$('#MyDiv').toggle(MyVar === 2);
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Of course toggle. Sorry for the brain fart moment. –  JT... Apr 17 '12 at 5:00

Considering that the manual for .show() says it takes no arguments, I believe that you must do it the 2nd way.

I would recommend instead something like if (MyVal==2) { $('#MyVar').show(); } else { $('#MyVar').hide(); }. The ? operator is unnecessary in an if since MyVal==2 already evaluates to a true (1) or false (0). Also, putting spaces in your code will drastically improve your readability and you will thank yourself later when trying to debug things.

Edit: lol forgot about the toggle method...that works too.

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