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When I run a second meteor application, I get the following message:

Can't listen on port 3000. Perhaps another Meteor is running?

Running two copies of Meteor in the same application directory will not work. If something else is using port 3000, you can specify an alternative port with --port .

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To start meteor on a different port (eg 3002) just run:

meteor --port 3002

In the project directory.

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Meteor and other servers don't work like Apache and some other servers work. Meteor take hold of the port EG: 3000 and all requests direct to that, this means to have more than one application running you must use another port as the comment states when you run it.

The following should work to run your second instance:

meteor --port 3001

The same applies if you have ruby on rails running as this takes the same port as standard.

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