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am having a jquery Ajax call for changing the content of a div ,functionality wise everything is working fine but ,when ever div is replaced with new content the page get little shake and the and the view position get changed a little .The content that get refreshed is given below ,i mean the html response that i get after ajax call.

<div class="booksFrame">
<a href="Magazine/magazinedetail/magazine_id/3"><img src="XXXXXX" alt="Pachakuthira" title="Pachakuthira" /></a>
<div class="booksFrame">
<a href="Magazine/magazinedetail/magazine_id/43"><img src="XXXXXX" alt="Toms Classics" title="Toms Classics" /></a>
<div class="booksFrame">
<a href="Magazine/magazinedetail/magazine_id/34"><img src="XXXXXX" alt="The Sunday Indian (English)" title="The Sunday Indian (English)" /></a>
<div class="booksFrame">
<a href="Magazine/magazinedetail/magazine_id/26"><img src="XXXXXX" alt="Travel Plus" title="Travel Plus" /></a>
<div class="rightArrow"><img src="XXXXXX" alt="next" title="next" id="next2" onclick="javascript:nextTopseller(this);" /></div>
<input type="hidden" value="6" id="page_number_topseller"  />

my function for ajax call.

function latestArrivalNext(next)
         $("#previous").css("display", "block");
                page  = Number($('#page_number').val());
                page  = page+1; 
                $("#ajax_container").html('<img src="/public/images/loading.gif" />').fadeIn('fast');
            page        = 2;
                type: "POST",
                url: "index/scrollnewrelease",
                data: "page="+page,
                success: function(msg)
                {   /*alert(msg);*/
                    $("#previous").css("display", "block");
                $(next).css("display", "none");
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could you show your javascript that refreshes the content? –  SiGanteng Apr 17 '12 at 5:27
@NiftyDude of course... –  Arun Killu Apr 17 '12 at 5:29

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I have used this long back. Just give it a try.

adding this IE Only meta tag stops the flicker:

<meta http-equiv="Page-Enter" content="revealtrans(duration=0.0)">

The explanation can be found here

Please mark as answer if this solves your problem

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my problem is not with flicker, after ajax complete request when it start populate the div with new content the contents come in an nonuniform way..distorted.can i make it smooth. –  Arun Killu Apr 17 '12 at 5:40

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