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I'm using Rails 3.2.3 and I have the following form

<%= form_for(@item, url: list_path, remote: true, html: {id: "item-create-form", class: "form-horizontal"}) do |f| %>
    <div class="input-append">
        <%= f.text_field :description, id: "item-description-input", autofocus: true, placeholder: "Type and press enter." %>
<% end %>

The create action with the following code:

def create
  @user = User.find_by_username(params[:username])
  @item = current_user.items.build(params[:item])
  respond_to do |format|
    if @item.save
      @item.update_attribute(:vpos, 0)
      @items = Item.find_all_by_user_id(@user)
      @items.each do |item|
        item.update_attribute(:vpos, item.vpos + 1)
      format.js {render "errors" }

The corresponding js.erb file is there and rendering as expected. Here's the code:

$('#position-zero').after('<%= escape_javascript(render(:partial => @item)) %>');
$('#item-create-form').html('<%= escape_javascript(render(:partial => "item_create_form", :locals => { :@item => Item.new })) %>');

My application.js file looks like this:

//= require jquery
//= require jquery_ujs
//= require jquery-ui
//= require jquery.purr
//= require best_in_place
//= require_tree .
// Loads all Bootstrap javascripts
//= require bootstrap

Everything works great on Chrome and Safari - only HTTP 200 responses.

On Firefox, however, the first form submission works ok. But the second one gives me a 406 not accepted error.

Checking on Firebug, the content-type is set to text/javascript on the first request, but changes to text/html on the second one.

I've tried setting the content type after format.js (like so: { render content_type: 'text/javascript' }) and also setting headers on the controller (like so: headers["Content-Type"] = "text/javascript; charset=utf-8"), to no avail.

Any good souls out there that can shed some light on this annoying problem?

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do you mean submitting the same form twice? –  Amit Apr 17 '12 at 7:03
Yes. It's a list, where you type in an item, press enter and the item is created on the list below the form field. –  rapcal Apr 17 '12 at 14:56
So it would seem that once you are submitting the form the form jqueryujs is doing something to mess up the next request. can you check if the data-remote attr is being modified after the first request? –  Amit Apr 18 '12 at 16:59
Nope, data-remote is still set to true... :-S –  rapcal Apr 18 '12 at 23:03
the point is that anything inside is replaced. you not replacing the form wrapper, but the content inside it. –  Amit Apr 19 '12 at 17:10

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notice the second line in ur js.erb? you are adding a form inside the form. so basically when u submit the form the second time, the first form is sent as the ajax request, however, the form above it is not, giving you the problem. you should remove that second line and things should be ok

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Thanks, Amit! Sorry my stupidity took so much of your time... :-S I added a div around the form and called .parent() so everything is now working. –  rapcal Apr 19 '12 at 21:03

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