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I have to parse an xml document which has certain tags as follows:

  1. If I want to 'find' if the document contains the tag 'ns0:Item', the below code is not able to do so.
  2. If I remove the colon ':' character then it is able to parse the xml successfully.



Please help how to parse ':' character in the xml.
Thank you!

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The colon separates the namespace-prefix from the element name. The value of the prefix is not semantically important; what is important is the namespace string. In your case ns0 refers to a string not shown in your code; it is likely specified somewhere near the top of your XML document.

To select an item with a given prefix, and assuming you are doing the selection in a success callback of an ajax call, I think you want something like this:

success: function(xml) {
    var ns = "uri:whatever";  // the actual namespace, not the prefix
        if ($(this).get(0).namespaceURI == ns) {

You used document as the variable name in your code, representing an XML document. That seems confusing. I'd recommend against using the name document to refer to anything besides the browser's HTML document.

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The namespace definition is present at the top of the xml. Thanks Chheso, I was able to search for the 'Item' tag without mentioning the namespace prefix 'ns0'. –  fmjaguar3 Apr 23 '12 at 9:30
Thanks too for the brief help on naming conventions. I have incorporated that too! –  fmjaguar3 Apr 23 '12 at 9:34

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