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I am trying to select a document which does NOT contain a value in a document's array.

I'm having two problems, which I'll present separately:

(1) I cannot get the $not operator to work with a value-in-array query: For example, if I have the following document in my collection:

{ _id: ObjectId("000000000000000000000000"), mylist: [ "red", "green", "blue" ] }

I can select this document using:


However, I would like to select this document by testing for the absence of orange:


Why does this not work?

(2) I cannot get the value in array query to work if the array values are ObjectIds:

{ _id: Object("000000000000000000000000"), mylist: [ ObjectId("111111111111111111111111") ] }

The following does NOT retrieve this document:


Can someone suggest what I might be doing wrong?

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There is no $not that works like, you want $ne for simple cases like yours:

db.myCol.find({ mylist: { $ne: 'orange' } })

Your second should (and does) work fine for me, perhaps you're using the wrong number of ones.

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Not quite true, there is a $not – nullabletype Jan 23 '13 at 11:01
@nullabletype: Is $not something newish or have I just overlooked it? Thanks for the heads up in any case. – mu is too short Jan 23 '13 at 18:17

As an alternative, you could use $not like this:

    "mylist" : {
        $not : { 
            $in : ["red"] 
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