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I recently created a scoring system where the users are ordered by their points on descending basis. First I used to store ranks in a column of its own. I used to run this loop to update the rank:

$i = 1;
    $numberOfRows = mysql_query('SELECT COUNT(`id`) FROM sector0_players');
    $scoreboardquery = mysql_query("SELECT * FROM sector0_players ORDER BY points DESC");
    while(($row = mysql_fetch_assoc($scoreboardquery)) || $i<=$numberOfRows){
        $scoreid = $row['id'];
        $mysql_qeury = mysql_query("UPDATE sector0_players SET scoreboard_rank = '$i' WHERE id = '$scoreid'");

And it was really hard, not to mention slow to actually run this on a huge amount of users. Instead, I tried to construct a query and ended up with this.

SET @rownum := 0;
SELECT scoreboard_rank, id, points
SELECT @rownum := @rownum + 1 AS scoreboard_rank, id, points FROM sector0_players ORDER BY points DESC
as result WHERE id = '1';

But, this is just a select statement. Is there anyway I could get around it and change it so that it updates the table just as the loop does?

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Please try using the following query :

set @rownum:=0;
update sector0_players set scoreboard_rank=@rownum:=@rownum+1 ORDER BY points DESC;

PHP code can be ,

mysql_query("set @rownum:=0;");
mysql_query("update sector0_players set scoreboard_rank=@rownum:=@rownum+1 ORDER BY points DESC;");
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set @rownum:=0;# MySQL returned an empty result set (i.e. zero rows). update sector0_players set scoreboard_rank=@rownum:=@rownum+1 ORDER BY points DESC;# MySQL returned an empty result set (i.e. zero rows).<---This is the error I keep getting... – Khalid Okiely Apr 17 '12 at 6:23
If you rerun the query again and again it would show that message. Try updating the scoreboard rank to zero and then run the query once. – Prabhuram Apr 17 '12 at 6:31
This works perfectly! Can you please explain why did the ranks adjust because of this query. I need to be able to modify it in the future. :) EDIT is there a way to execute this right from PHP? – Khalid Okiely Apr 17 '12 at 6:42
You got that message because mysql will update the table only if there are any changes.If not, it will not update the data. Suppose if the points got changed for a particular record, then this query will update some x number of rows and not all the rows , unless the change in points for a single record changes the whole ranking order. – Prabhuram Apr 17 '12 at 6:47
I wish a double "useful" mark is possible :) You're awesome! – Khalid Okiely Apr 17 '12 at 7:07

You can try using the RANK function .. I haven't actually executed the SQL, but it should work

UPDATE sector0_players
SET scoreboard_rank =
SELECT srank
    SELECT id,points, RANK() OVER (ORDER BY points) AS srank
    FROM sector0_players T
) D
AND  D.points = sector0_players.points
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