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Purpose of the question:

I need to display to the end user, the incorrect HTML tags. For example, take the tag. If there is no "alt" attribute, i have to display the entire tag (

<img src="blahblah.jpg"/>


    My attempt:

    Skybound.Gecko.GeckoElementCollection elemcol=wbMain.Document.getElementsByTagName("img");
    foreach(Skybound.Gecko.GeckoElement elem in elemcol)
//Just a basic check to see if the attribute exists
    String content=elem.InnerHtml;
    return content;

elem.InnerHtml just returns a null value. I need to get the entire tag.. More like outerHTML.. But outerHTML command is not supported here. I am new to c# and am really not able to get through with it. Please help me with it. :(

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outerHTML is supported in Gecko since version 11. Does Skybound support this version yet?

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