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I built a new clean VM, install rvm, and installed ruby 1.9.2 and ran gem install rails --version '=3.0.7'. So far so good. When I did gem list rake, I saw that rake was installed and I need rake 0.8.7. I read up on uninstalling rake. Then installed gem install rake -v='0.8.7'. This is what I did and observed:

gem list rake rake (, 0.8.7) gem uninstall rake You have requested to uninstall the gem rake-0.8.7 ....... Continue [Yn] Successfully unistalled rake 0.8.7 INFO: gem "" is not installed

gem list rake rake (

Ok so it shows both versons of rake installed at first, I specify to delete and it says its uninstalling 0.8.7 and that it completed uninstalling 0.8.7. (Not what I entered) At the end it shows still installed in gem list rake. I have gone through this iteration multiple times, same result every time.

In the end I need Ruby 1.9.2; rails 3.0.7 and rake 0.8.7. The first two I have fine. But how do I get rake backed to 0.8.7? Or is what I see just some trash left over in some inventory of gems and does not reflect reality? ow can you be sure what you really have?

Thanks in advance.

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a few more bits: – user1334133 Apr 17 '12 at 6:36

I was having this same issue with the predefined constatnts 'Ruby' & 'LN_SUPPORTED'.

However; my 'gem list' only was showing rake So after I was able to install 0.8.7, everything started working again.

sudo gem install rake -v=0.8.7

Can you do a: sudo gem uninstall Rake without specifying a version to get rid of rake completely before trying to reinstall both versions? Or possibly (I know it's frowned upon, but... ) remove the rake gem folder?

Also, maybe you could add rake (, 0.8.7) to your gemfile and then do a bundle update

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Try using the following command

rvm use @global && gem uninstall rake
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