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in my output of a grid

I calculate a TimeSpan and take its TotalHours ex.

(Eval("WorkedHours") - Eval("BadgedHours")).TotalHours

goal is to show this TotalHours as : 39:44 so. First value 7.5 to 07:30

no problem.. but if its negative!

I can create a TimeSpan object from Hours with

TimeSpan.FromHours( (Eval("WorkedHours") - Eval("BadgedHours")).TotalHours)

now if its negative i cant convert it to a datetime and use the .ToString("HH:mm") method.

And the timespan object does not support the format string .

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What language? C#? –  Daniel A. White Jun 19 '09 at 15:42
Please consider reformatting the code snippets as inline code or code sections, and add the appropriate platform tag (I'd guess .NET from your snippets). –  OregonGhost Jun 19 '09 at 15:42

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Isn't there a TimeSpan.Duration method? I think this would handle what you are trying to do.

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This is the easiest way, just subtract your two DateTimes, call Duration() on the result, and then do TotalHours. –  Dan May 23 '14 at 15:15

Just multiply it by -1 or use an absolute value function.

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For anyone who googled it: use TimeSpan.Duration method. From MSDN: "Returns a new TimeSpan object whose value is the absolute value of the current TimeSpan object". –  prostynick Jan 21 '11 at 11:17
static string ToHMString(TimeSpan timespan) { 
	if (timespan.Ticks < 0) return "-" + ToHMString(timespan.Negate());

	return timespan.TotalHours.ToString("#0") + ":" + timespan.Minutes.ToString("00");

Console.WriteLine(ToHMString(TimeSpan.FromHours(3)));		//Prints "3:00"
Console.WriteLine(ToHMString(TimeSpan.FromHours(-27.75)));	//Prints "-28:45"

This will also work correctly if the timespan is longer than 24 hours.

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The simple solution would be to do:

string format = "HH:mm";
if(hours < 0)
  format = "-" + format;

hours = Math.Abs(hours)
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There is Negate method in Timespan class.

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Hi i worked this into a bit of code i have been writing, hope it helps

(results) is an int variable

(TimeSpan.FromMinutes(result)) < TimeSpan.Zero ? "-" + TimeSpan.FromMinutes(result).ToString(@"hh\:mm") : "" + TimeSpan.FromMinutes(result).ToString(@"hh\:mm");

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its working .try this


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