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Hi i am a iPhone developer and new to android. I want to know a best approach in android to make a http connection and get the response from server and (like iOS there are connectionDidFinish, connectionDidFail methods) i want to show a loader when connection is start and when connection is complete then i dismiss the loader. how to do that.

I read about HttpConnection, HttpURLConnection, DefaultHttpClient but i am too confuse that which is best approach and how to use them and one more thing connection is like a asynchronous connection.

one more thing i want to make two or more connection so that i have to differentiate between them also so suggest me that also?

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To show and dismiss loader (i.e. ProgressBar or ProgressDialog), implement AsyncTask which is known as Painless Threading in Android.

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can you give me a simple tutorial for this so that i can easily implement that and one more thing that i forget to told you is that i want also too make 2 or more connection so i have to differentiate them also. – hchouhan02 Apr 17 '12 at 7:19

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