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I am using IMSL with Intel Virtual Fortran with MKL. I tried to use a routine from IMSL. It was compiled fine, but when I try to execute the file it came up with an error saying:

MKL ERROR: Parameter 7 was incorrect on entry to SGEEVX

*** TERMINAL ERROR 2 from EVCRG.  The required storage cannot be allocated.
***          The specified N may be too large, where N = 1064682127.

The following is the code I am using:

PROGRAM test_evcrg
include 'link_fnl_static.h'  
!DEC$ OBJCOMMENT lib:'libiomp5mt.lib'

REAL, Dimension(2,2) :: p,vr
REAL, Dimension(2) :: w

p = RESHAPE([0.7, 0.3, 0.5,0.5],[2,2])

CALL EVCRG (p,w,vr) 

WRITE (*,*), w
WRITE (*,*)
WRITE (*,*), vr

END PROGRAM test_evcrg

How can I fix this problem?



    test_evcrg.f90(14): error #6285: There is no matching specific subroutine for this generic subroutine call. [EVCRG]
    CALL EVCRG(p,w,vr)
    compilation aborted for test_evcrg.f90 (code 1)


In the IMSL USER'S GUIDE, it says:

   FORTRAN 90 Interface
   Generic:  CALL EVCRG (A, EVAL, EVEC [,…])
   Specific:  The specific interface names are S_EVCRG and D_EVCRG. 
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I don't know IMSL enough, but I think there is a mismatch of interfaces. Because you do not use any IMSL module, you are not using the Fortran 90 interface, but the Fortran 77 interface, which requires more arguments. See IMSL manual. Either use the module, or change the call to something like CALL EVCRG (2, p, 2,w, vr, 2).

The use statement you can use is probably USE numerical_libraries.

---- EDIT ----

It means, that adding the use was the good thing. Now it exposes, that there really was an error in the call. The arguments are wrong. Arguments 2 and 3, i.e. EVAL and EVEC must be COMPLEX!

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Thank you very much. I think the interface is correct, I am using the Fortran 90 interface. I did make another try: I added USE EVCRG_INT into the code, which I think follows the naming convension of the library. It gave a new error:test_evcrg (I added the new information in my post). –  L.J Apr 17 '12 at 11:09
See the edit, you have to use COMPLEX variables. –  Vladimir F Apr 17 '12 at 11:53
Problem solved. Thanks a lot! –  L.J Apr 17 '12 at 15:58

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