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I have dataset which contains two table as

DataTable dtFields = new DataTable("tmpFieldTable");


DataTable dtCDGroup = new DataTable("tmpCDGroup");


DataSet ds = new DataSet("tmpFieldSet");


How can I write following SQL quey to LINQ

queryString = "Select FieldID, tmpCDGroup.Name, CDCaption, IIF(ISNULL(Priority),99,Priority), fldIndex from tmpFieldList LEFT OUTER JOIN tmpCDGroup ON tmpFieldList.CDGroupID = tmpCDGroup.CDGroupID order by 4,5 ";
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I'm not sure why you're ordering by "4,5", but it would be like this:

var resultArray = tmpFieldList.Join(
    tmpCDGroup,                           // inner join collection
    fieldList => fieldList.CDGroupID,     // outer key selector
    cd => cd.CDGroupID,                   // inner key selector
    (fieldList, cd) => new {             // result selector
        FieldID = fieldList.FieldID, 
        Name = cd.Name, 
        CDCaption = cd.CDCaption, 
        Priority = fieldList.Priority ?? 99, 
        fldIndex = fieldList.fldIndex
.OrderBy(result => result.Priority)
.ThenBy(result => result.fldIndex)

Then you can access using, for example,


, etc.

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As i am new LINQ, please tell me how to extract result from above quey? –  NIlesh Lanke Apr 17 '12 at 7:37
@NIleshLanke I updated the answer, hope that helps. It's just an array of the anonymous type with "FieldID", "Name", etc. properties. –  McGarnagle Apr 17 '12 at 7:43
@NellshLanke: Have a look at Linq 101. There are many great examples to get started with LINQ. –  raznagul Apr 17 '12 at 7:47
@dbaseman: order by 4, 5 in SQL means ordering by the 4th and 5th column. So the order by should look like .OrderBy(result=>result.Priority).ThenBy(result=>result.fldIndex). –  raznagul Apr 17 '12 at 7:49
@raznagul ah, thanks, I had never seen that syntax before. Answer is corrected. –  McGarnagle Apr 17 '12 at 7:51

This might work or at least help to get it working. Note that i've changed the type of some columns.

var result = from field in dtFields.AsEnumerable()
             join cdGroup in dtCDGroup.AsEnumerable()
             on field.Field<int>("CDGroupID") equals cdGroup.Field<int>("CDGroupID") 
                    into fieldGroup
             from row in fieldGroup.DefaultIfEmpty()
             let priority = row.IsNull("Priority") ? 99 : row.Field<int>("Priority")
             orderby priority, row.Field<int>("fldIndex")
             select new
                 FieldID   = row.Field<int>("FieldID"),
                 GroupName = row.Field<int>("Name"),
                 CDCaption = row.Field<int>("CDCaption"),
                 Priority  = priority,
                 fldIndex  = row.Field<int>("fldIndex")
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