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Is this possible?? I seem to be getting this error when using wavread from scikits.audiolab:

x86_64.egg/scikits/audiolab/pysndfile/matapi.pyc in basic_reader(filename, last, first)
     93             if not hdl.format.file_format == filetype:
     94                 raise ValueError, "%s is not a %s file (is %s)" \
---> 95                       % (filename, filetype, hdl.format.file_format)
     97             fs = hdl.samplerate

ValueError: si762.wav is not a wav file (is nist)

I'm guessing it can't read NIST wav files but is there another way to easily read them into a numpy array? If not, what is the best way to go about reading in the data?

Possibly rewriting the audiolab wavread to recognize the nist header??

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Answer my own question because figured it out but you can use the Sndfile class from scikits.audiolab which supports a multitude of reading and writing file formats depending on the libsndfile you have. Then you just use:

from scikits.audiolab import Sndfile, play
f = Sndfile(filename, 'r')
data = f.read_frames(10000)
play(data) # Just to test the read data
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