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Do you know any working plug-in for SpringSource Tool Suite 2.9.1 which will show me line-count and class-count for chosen project in workspace?

I know there's Metrics2 plug-in for Eclipse, but i found it not working with recent STS version (link).


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Just curious...what is the problem with getting the metrics plugin working in STS? – Andrew Eisenberg Apr 18 '12 at 3:46
I've got Metrics view showing step-by-step instructions how to enable metrics (open java perspective, get package explorer view, build project etc.), but following them does nothing. There's a progress bar in the Metrics view, but it's always at 0% without any caption. – denu Apr 18 '12 at 6:44

With STS 3.6.4 it is working perfectly. Make sure that:

  1. You have selected the metrics view. Views-others.
  2. Select Java perspective. Reset it if necessary to show the package structure.
  3. In the project you want to analyze-properties-metrics-enable
  4. Rebuild the project if it hasn't by itself...
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