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I want to develop an application which lets user protect their files / folders . It is very much the same as existing apps where user can select the files to be hidden and those files can be accessed only from my app which is password protected.

I got enough resources about the encryption algorithm. Here my doubt is :

  1. where should i keep my encrypted files. It should be within my app folder. But this folder if i create on phones internal storage, will that not lead to memory restrictions. My app let user to add images / videos or any other file to protection. If i keep the folder on the sd card, the questions are it will restrict app to be run on only mobiles with sd card . Also the content of sd card can be accessed by others ( i am right here ? )

  2. The next doubt is that i see most of those apps i see if i remove protection it is restored in its previous folder. How is it achieved . Is it like keep mapping table an duse that to restore ?

Please help me with answers for my questions. Thanks a lot for your time and help

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According to my investigations of the same problem, there is no built-in encrypted storage in Android system. Hence, I'd recommend you following approach:

  1. Encrypt file content with any algorithm. See here(1), here(2) and here(3).

  2. Use MODE_PRIVATE when creating file with, for example, openFileOutput(String, int)

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thanks for the answers. MODE_PRIVATE doesnt apply for sd cards . So how do you manage encryption of files on sd card –  preetha Apr 17 '12 at 10:23
You simply encrypt the content of the files. See the examples I've provided (the third one deals with CipherOutputStream and CipherInputStream). –  a.ch. Apr 17 '12 at 10:28

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