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When i click training icon it show the button named Home

When i click training icon it show the button named Home.

enter image description here

When i click home button it shows the home screen as below.

enter image description here

My application is currently running right, I want to close the application and have to show the home screen when i click the app icon(training).How could i do this..?

enter image description here

Actually i have a button in my layout and i'm showing the home screen with the following code when the button is pressed.

Intent startMain = new Intent(Intent.ACTION_MAIN);

It shows the home screen and my service in background has started. I want to stop all the action from my app to be stopped when i click launcher icon. My question is how can i stop the activity when my application icon is clicked again.

Sorry for poor english..!

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If you application consists only of an Activity then it is already stopped when the user re-clicks the launcher icon (since he had to exit the app). We need more info if that's not your scenario.

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Use it in your activity. When you exit from your app it will stop the action as well as destroy the app. And it will launch new activity when you click your app icon again.

protected void onDestroy() {
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Thanks for your response. Actually i want to kill the application when i click the icon second time.It doesn't work. –  Mohan Kumar Apr 17 '12 at 11:16

Maybe you can check if your service is running, or more dirty with a static int counter. Let the counter increment in your onCreate(). Now you can check for the second start of your apk

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Put finish(); on the method onResume().

Of course, if you need to do something else, just put your code before the finish();.

It should do.

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