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I have been struggling with reading out the contents of a resources directory in my lein project. I understand now (after doing it wrong for awhile) to use to pull out a resource, because just using the file system doesn't work when it is packaged as a jar:

> (require '[ :as io])
> (def zipzip (.openStream (io/resource "")))

This returns a BufferedInputStream. What I want to do is take this zip file and unpack it to a local directory. I can't make a ZipFile out of it, but I can make a ZipInputStream. Unfortunately, while I can get ZipEntries out of this, I need a ZipFile to actually read the contents of the ZipEntry. I can do this:

> (-> zipzip ZipInputStream. .getNextEntry .getName)

This returns the name, but there is nothing in the api docs to get the actual contents of that ZipEntry with the ZipInputStream!

How do I write out the contents from this ZipInputStream to a local directory? (that also works when the code is packaged into a jar!)

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You can simply read from the ZipInputStream after you got the next entry. Use the size information from the entry to read the content.

user=> (import '
user=> (def zs (ZipInputStream. (io/input-stream "")))
user=> (def ze (.getNextEntry zs))
user=> (.getName ze)
user=> (.getSize ze)
user=> (let [bytes (byte-array 21)] (.read zs bytes 0 21) (String. bytes "UTF-8"))
"Das ist ein Test!\r\n\r\n"
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