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I am using MVC3 on my project.

I have a view with a bunch of DDL's, Search Button and a Table. User can choose values and then hit the search button and the table will show all data that got hit.

This is my jquery code for the search button click:

    $(function () {
        $('#submitfloat').click(function () {
            var SubjectTypes = $('#SubjectTypes').val();
            var Teams = $('#Teams').val();
            var Companies = $('#Companies').val();
            var Consultants = $('#Consultants').val();
            var PlannedDates = $('#PlannedDates').val();
            var CompletedDates = $('#CompletedDates').val();
            var DateTypes = $('#DateTypes').val();
            var data = {
                Subjectypes: SubjectTypes,
                Companies: Companies,
                Teams: Teams,
                Consultants: Consultants,
                PlannedDates: PlannedDates,
                CompletedDates: CompletedDates,
                DateTypes: DateTypes

                $.post('@Url.Action("Search", "SearchNKI")', data, function (result) {
                    $("#GoalcardSearchResult tbody").html('');
                    result.forEach(function (goalcard) {
                        $("#GoalcardSearchResult tbody").append(
                            $('<tr/>', {
                                click: function () {
                                    // todo: redirect
                                html: "<td>" + goalcard.Name + "</td><td>" + goalcard.Customer + "</td><td>" + goalcard.PlannedDate + "</td><td>" + goalcard.CompletedDate + "</td>"
                return false;

This is my Controller:

 public JsonResult Search(SearchQueryViewModel model)
     var goalcard = SearchRep.FindGoalCard(model); // My LINQ

     return Json(goalcard.Select(x => new GoalCardViewModel(x)));

Everything works fine but when I add my Jquery Table Sorter:

    <script type="text/javascript">
        $(document).ready(function () {

I get this wall of Json text when I click on the Search button:



I have no idea why this happens, when I debug my search button click jquery code its not even getting executed when I add the Table Sorter jquery code. Anyone have any idea what the cause is?

All I know is that when I add the Table Sorter, it blocks my button click jquery code from running and jumps directly to the server-side and returns json.

Thanks in advance!

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I would recommend using empty() instead of html('') since it makes more sense for people who don't know the code. Is there a reason you are you binding the click function in each result, instead of using live/delegate? It's hard do debug, but i would guess there is a bug in the append function. – Marco Johannesen Apr 17 '12 at 9:09
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It was a modified Table Sorter code, with some minor changes I got it running

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