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I am trying to inspect some html, which is not displayed correctly in IE. when I look at the html in IE and FF, they are both different slightly and this might be causing the issue.

I want to grab html returned from the server and thus do not want to send request using a browser. can anyone advise me any such tool ??

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Are you looking at the HTML source (with View Source) or the generated DOM (with debug tools)? The source should be the same in both cases. –  Quentin Apr 17 '12 at 9:31
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If you are using linux or unix system, you can use curl to do that.

to send GET request:

curl "<< request-url >>"

to send POST request:

curl --data "<< post-parameter >>" "<< request-url >>"

And you can use -X option to define what HTTP method you want to send with.

or maybe you're using Windows, you can use the web tool to send GET/POST requests like


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curl would do the trick. curl http://www.google.com, for example.

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