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I want to change a value of a formula through another formula in Crystal Reports.

I have a problem: i have a string column in DB and is saved for example "Cars" or "Doors" or ..

and on the report i have all the categories written in Normal Textboxes. (Like a RadioButtonList).

and want if the Column is "cars" it will check next to the cars TextBox. (Like a RadioButtonList)

i thought that i make one Formula named main_Categ , and one formula next to each Category TextBox and i will write in the main_Categ Formula

if the Column = "cars" then CarsFormula="1"
else if the Column = "Doors" then DoorsFormula="1"

and so on . what do you think ?

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I think it would be simpler just to have a formula for each checkbox. In each formula simply put: {table.field}='doors' for example. This will return true/false.

Your approach seems to introduce unneccessary complexity.

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thanks alot it works correctly – user1338332 Apr 17 '12 at 11:53

Each formula MUST evaluate itself.

Create 2 formulas

CarsFormula {column} ="cars"
DoorsFormula {column}="doors"

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thanks alot it works correctly, – user1338332 Apr 17 '12 at 11:52

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