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I'm new at the project that has some spec coverage and when i run all of the specs, all the comparation fails with the same ActiveRecord::AssociationTypeMismatch "x" expected, got "x", e.g.:

ActiveRecord::AssociationTypeMismatch: User(#103950560) expected, got User(#107825100)

There is one spec, that when being excluded makes all work. And itself when run separately works fine.

I can't post here it's content i guess though 8(

cache_classes = true resolves this.

My coworkers on Macs do not have this bug, while me and a couple of people on Ubuntu have.

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I had the same issue, I have updated factory_girl_rails to the latest version, bumping up factory_girl from 2.6.4 to 3.2.0 and it fixed it!

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