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I want to find records based on more than parameters. But those parameters are of mupltiple options.

As "SELECT something FROM mytable WHERE user_name="xyz" and status=("Active" OR "Deleted")

How do I translate this to rails statement?

Person.find_by_user_name_and_status(user_name, status) # this doesn't take the OR operator 
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I can't test it right now, but did you try this?

Person.find_all_by_user_name_and_status(user_name, ["active", "deleted"])

if the above does not work, this should...

Person.where(:user_name => "xyz", :status => ["active", "deleted"])
# translates to:
# "select * from persons where username = 'xyz' and status in ('active', 'deleted')"

You should take a look into the Rails Guide for Active Record:

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Thanks! that worked, I just made it find _all_by instead of find_all. the OR operator worded. Person.find_all_by_user_name_and_status(user_name, ["active", "deleted"]) – Kapish M Apr 17 '12 at 11:03
The second example does not work: Person.where(:user_name => "xyz").where(:status => ["active", "deleted"]) – Christopher Oezbek May 11 '15 at 20:54

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