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Hi i have a JSON file which contains

   "result": [
         "urlFeedCategoryValue": "Language",
         "urlFeedName": "DB2",
         "urlId": "language_DB2",
         "urlFeedLink": "http://www-947.ibm.com/systems/support/myfeed/xmlfeeder.wss?feeder.requid=feeder.create_public_feed&feeder.feedtype=RSS&feeder.maxfeed=25&OC=SSEPDU&feeder.subdefkey=swgimgmt&feeder.channel.title=DB2 Connect&feeder.channel.descr=The latest updates about DB2 Connect",
         "urlFeedCategory": "1",
         "urlFeedTimeStamp": "2012-04-17-03:04:27"

Now i want to read this JSON file and store it in the JSONStore of Extjs

Plz help me how to acheive thi

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Have you tried anything? –  sha Apr 17 '12 at 12:18
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This is not especially a problem of Ext. Do you have any serverside backend? Then I would suggest opening and preparing the JSON-File there.

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