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im trying to pass some parameters from my a4j:mediaOutput to my bean. I can pass the OutputStream parameter and the second parameter (a reference to the value attribute of the component).

But i need to pass two other parameters too: the height and width of the mediaOutput. I tried it with f:param and a4j:actionparam, but both didnt worked.

       style="width: 200px; height:100px; max-width: 200px;max-height: 200px" 
           element="img" mimeType="image/jpeg" 
           createContent="# {bean.paint}"
           value="#{row}" cacheable="false" id="mediaOut">
    <a4j:param name="w" value="screen.height"
         noEscape="true" />

Any idea how i can solve this?

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Well, it works with f:param. I just didnt read it right in my bean with the FacesContext.

f.e for the width:

FacesContext fContext = FacesContext.getCurrentInstance(); 
width = Integer.valueOf((String) fContext.getExternalContext()
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